Tip #13   Here is a good link for what to bring to a convention.


TIP #5  The day before checkout, make a list of all of the animals you are taking home. Your own entry, purchased animals, animals won in auctions or raffles, animals you are transporting, etc. Check ear numbers or tags before leaving on Tuesday afternoon to make sure that every animal is in the correct cage.

TIP #9  Bring something to mark your cages with, and bring a small bag that you can carry with spare money Tylenol Etc.

TIP #7  Bring a clean-up kit for your cages. Daily cleaning will keep your animals looking sharp and the showroom much less "fragrant." Pack a small dustpan/whisk and some plastic bags to remove wet or soiled bedding. Bring an empty spray bottle and go together with some friends to buy a bottle of odor neutralizer - a little goes a long way.

TIP #12   Don't forget your ARBA card.  You will need it at check-in and check-out

TIP #3  Bring a small dustpan and brush with you.  It makes cleaning your coops much easier

TIP #1   Have fun.  Enjoy the Convention.

TIP #11   Check out the Tours that are offered.   They are not only fun, but educational as well

TIP #6  Bring your own feed and some transition water if possible. Even if your brand is provided, it may be from a different mill. Animals can be very sensitive to the taste of water, so using water from home or purchasing some bottled drinking water on arrival can help ease the transition.

TIP #10   Enter at least one animal. Don’t be so intimidated that you talk yourself out of an amazing experience! Convention is more meaningful when you are part of the competition. And who knows? All it takes is one animal to be BIS

TIP # 23  Get your ARBA ID name tag from the ARBA booth and wear it daily. The cards have your name and hometown/state on them and are in a clear holder with a neckband. Write on the back side of the card all the coop numbers your rabbits are in. It makes finding them much easier and you always have that list with you hanging around your neck. Plus it makes it easier for people who do not know you to find and meet you.

TIP #2  Now is the time to book your hotel and airfare.   See the hotels link on the Home Page to see what hotels have ARBA blocks

TIP #14   In a way to spare some money, you don’t always need to go eat in restaurants. Example : Us, we often go make a little grocery for the diner meal.

​TIP #21   Bring extra clothes to the showroom In case you get pooped on or peed on by a bunny!

​Tip #24  Count your rabbits every day you check on them and feed so you don't miss one. Your rabbits will NOT be together. They are cooped by breed/class. Make sure the rabbit in your cage is your rabbit after the show is over. Mix-ups do occasionally happen.

Don't Panic,  don't feel overwhelmed.   Stay tuned to this page for tips on attending a convention and things to bring with you.   

TIP #16  Wear comfortable shoes and plan on being on your feet  A LOT

TIP #15   If you're showing angoras, bring risers (wire floors) to put inside the coops to keep your wooly bunnies out of the shavings. Some breeders use risers and puppy puddle pads to keep them clean.

TIP #22  Make sure you check out the Convention Host booth.  get your convention merchandise and support the convention 

TIP #4  Show up as early as possible on checkout morning. Roll out of bed and come to the showroom - you can go back, shower, and pack up your room when you're finished..

​TIP #18  Feed bags for dividers for back and sides of coops. Your friend next door might not be as healthy as you think and rabbits are under stress at the show. Make sure when your done they come off so the show team doesn't have to take them down.

​TIP #20  If you can and life let's you come a day early. Check in start Thursday there not as many people. Gives the rabbits more time be able to deal with the crowed of people.

TIP #17   If you have a rabbit breed with long hair you will need to bring you own risers .the are floor wire that fit in the coops to keep them off of the bedding .you can order them from a vendor ahead of time once they post the coop sizes

TIP #19  Locks or zip ties for cages. They will slow a person down that might want to get into your cages or a rabbit trying to get out. Make sure there off on show day.

​TIP #8  Visit all the vendors and breed club booths.   It is amazing some of the things you may find that you have never though of


Tip #25  Put the coop numbers in the right ear (with black marker) when you load them in their carriers before you travel to convention. Numbers will be assigned ahead of time.